Offences we cover

  • Drug Offences
  • Murder/ manslaughter
  • Military offences
  • Assaults
  • Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Theft
  • Driving Offences
  • Public Offences
  • Conspiracy
  • Benefit Fraud
  • Sexual Offences

Case Funding

We provide a high quality of service to all of our clients whether they are in receipt of Legal Aid or paying privately.

The Government have recently made changes to the Legal Aid Scheme. Call today for advice on whether you are eligible for this free of charge service.

For more information on legal aid click here

AH Solicitors have been awarded a Legal Aid Contract by the Legal Aid Agency. This means that our files go through extra scrutiny to uphold the standard of our work. We also hold the Law Society’s Lexcel standard. We will always check whether you are eligible for Legal Aid first. Legal Aid is still available for certain driving offences, those that are more serious and carry a custodial sentence. Whether you are eligible also depends on your income. We will make the application for Legal Aid on your behalf.

If Legal Aid is not available for the offence you are charged with, or you are not eligible for Legal Aid due to your financial circumstances then below is a guide to our fees.

Written Representations

AH Solicitors will work on your behalf to try and dissuade the police from issuing court proceedings. Representation at court is not included – £500 plus VAT

AH Solicitors can also take instructions from you and then put together a written letter of mitigation to present to the court in place of your attendance and ours – £350 plus VAT

AH Solicitors can also provide a written exceptional hardship argument for you to take to the court, please call us to discuss what this involves – £500 plus vat

Guilty Plea to speeding/insurance/drink driving

When we meet you, we will go through the evidence with you and advise you whether you should be pleading guilty or not guilty. If you decide to plead guilty to most Magistrates Courts matters then we will represent you in court and advise you of any supporting documentation that you need, for example character statements. If your matter is referred to the Crown Court then you may be eligible for Legal Aid, if not then the fee will increase but we will discuss this with you before we agree a fee.- £700 plus VAT

Exceptional Hardship/Special Reasons Argument

AH solicitors will take a statement from you and any-one else relevant to your case. We will help you obtain any supporting evidence you need for your case. We regularly carry out these arguments before the court and so we know exactly what you need to provide the court with in order to fight your case. One of our experienced solicitors, who appear in the Magistrates Court every day, will meet you and go through the process with you at court and represent you before the court. – £800 plus VAT

Contested Trial/Not Guilty Plea

We will fully prepare your case for trial. AH Solicitors will take all necessary witness statements and make detailed representations to the CPS where appropriate to try and get them to withdraw the proceedings without the need for trial. We will deal with the court and apply for adjournments where necessary. One of our highly experienced skilled solicitors will attend all hearings you are required to attend as part of the proceedings including the trial hearing.

If necessary, we will advise you on appeal.

Not included in the fee is the price of any expert. If an expert is necessary, for example a toxicologist, we will discuss the likely fees in advance and agreed these with you.- between £800 and £1500 plus VAT this may increase if the proceedings are particularly complex or the trial has to be listed over several days due to the amount of paperwork involved. If this is going to happen then we will discuss this with you first and agree a fee with you.

Drink driving and Dangerous Driving Related Cases

Sometimes, if you are facing a very serious allegation with serious consequences or if the case is extremely complex then we will discuss with you in advance acting on an hourly rate basis. Our hourly rate is £200 plus VAT.

In order to give you the best possible service we will always consider the evidence in your case and advise you on whether or not there are any defences available to you. It will then be a matter for you to decide whether you want to plead guilty or upgrade to the full service and have a trial.

We are always happy to have a preliminary discussion with you about your case free of charge.