Kenneth Papenfus LLB

Director, Duty Solicitor

Kenneth Papenfus specialises in Criminal Law

Kenneth is well known and praised for his tactical brain. He is an excellent Magistrates Court Advocate and has regular success. Kenneth has over 20 years experience. He is also an expert in Police Station Representation. Kenneth runs a varied caseload of police station and Magistrates Court files. Kenneth often takes on very serious cases including allegations of Large scale drugs supply and conspiracies, Murder, Rape and serious assaults. These complex cases require thorough preparation. Kenneth uses a wide network of experts in fields ranging from CCTV enhancement, facial recognition and cell site analysis. Kenneth skilfully represented a suspect being prosecuted for hacking sovereign governments, several international airlines and a government criminal investigation agency.

Kenneth is a very capable fisheries lawyer. He is able to represent people defending fisheries prosecutions.

Motoring Law

Kenneth is an expert in motoring law. He has successfully defended people from prosecutions in a whole range of road traffic cases. He robustly represents clients who face prosecution for matters such as speeding and face losing their licence. He also regularly represents clients who face prosecutions for the most serious offences such as death by dangerous driving.

Kenneth will explain the case you face clearly to you and will be able to advise you of all your options. His vast experience means that he will be able to tell you what the most likely outcome will be. Kenneth is a fearless advocate and will represent you in court, boldly putting forward your case.

Kenneth has a very technical mind which I why he is so successful in this area of law. Client’s instantly feel at ease with him. He is a talented and astute magistrate’s court advocate. He has honed his advocacy skills over 30 years practising motoring law.

Panel Memberships

  • Police Station Representative 
  • Duty Solicitor