AH Solicitors are the leading Motoring & Driving Offence Solicitors based and practising in Plymouth & the South West

We are expert Motoring, Road Traffic & Driving Law Solicitors

AH Solicitors Motoring law department is based in the South West and the firm has appeared before the region’s courts for 40 years. Unlike many firms, we have a sound knowledge of the local courts and the prosecution service.

AH Solicitors will offer you a fixed fee for our legal advice, you will know what you will have to pay us from the outset. There will not be any unexpected costs.

In certain circumstances you may be eligible for legal aid. We have a legal aid contract with the Legal Aid Agency and so we will be able to apply for legal aid for you if the opportunity arises.

AH Solicitors Motoring law solicitors have a vast experience of representing clients for every different type of road traffic offence. This covers all motoring law offences from the very serious offences such as death by dangerous driving to the offences requiring a technically excellent lawyer such as speeding offences.

Your case will be dealt with by a qualified lawyer with direct daily experience of appearing before the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court. You will be able to talk to that lawyer at any time throughout the duration of your case.

AH Solicitors Motoring law department is led by Kenneth Papenfus, solicitor and specialist motoring lawyer. Kenneth has spent over 25 years before the region’s Magistrates Courts and is therefore able to offer our clients his expertise specialist knowledge of the Plymouth and the South West’s road traffic offence courts.

Not only does Kenneth have expert knowledge and lots of experience in representing clients for all kinds of road traffic offences and providing legal advice for all motoring law offences, Kenneth is also a forthright and no nonsense lawyer. Kenneth will support you throughout the process, if necessary, from investigation through to the court hearing.

Our client’s will also have the benefit of receiving legal advice from specialist motoring defence lawyer, Jemma Patterson. Jemma has specialised in driving law for over 10 years. Jemma is a meticulous and intelligent driving offence lawyer. She is extremely approachable and will be there for you every step of the way to guide you through what can be a very stressful process. Jemma regularly represents clients in the Crown Court.